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doc. MUDr. Viliam Dobiáš, PhD.

President of Red Cross Slovakia

First Responder


Expert on Emergency Medicine


Adriana Chorvátová, Tilgnerova Unified School, Bratislava, Slovakia

Tatiana Tomášová, Evanjelické lýceum, Bratislava, Slovakia

Jakub Petrus, Jur Hronec High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

“Every day we meet people who work in different areas. Doctors, teachers, lawyers... For some it is just a job, for others a mission. A great example is Dr. Viliam Dobiáš who does his profession with love, awe and respect. Meeting him was one of the best experiences I have had. The message he addressed was very powerful. Sometimes minutes decide if the person survives or not. Saving lives is not easy, but with courage, good knowledge in the subject and hope it is possible. Not only for rescuers, but also for us. We were given a gift called life and it is an amazing feeling when we have a chance to give it back to someone else. We just have to do the most important thing - try it."

Adriana Chorvátová

Tilgnerova Unified School

Bratislava, Slovakia

"Having an opportunity to meet Dr. Viliam Dobiáš, the head of Slovak Red Cross, in person, to speak with him for around an hour about various topics, ranging from medicine to how he chose his university, is very rare and precious. He is an extremely skilled doctor who was very eager to share his vast knowledge regarding anaesthesiology as well as urgent medicine with us. Moreover, we discussed his job not only from the professional, but also from the human perspective. Dr. Dobiáš is an amusing, successful, learned, yet humble person whose stories and knowledge provided me with an outstanding experience, parts of which, I believe, will be useful in my future studies."

Jakub Petrus

Jur Hronec High School

Bratislava, Slovakia

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