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Peter Valentovič



Nhung Nguyen Thi Hong, Lukáš Bohuš 

Metodova High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

"The encounter with Maestro Peter Valentovič was genuinely fun and delightful. This was my first interview so I was a bit nervous, but Mr. Valentovič was really casual and relaxed about the interview what eased me entirely. He showed me and my classmate Lukáš Bohúš the new building and backstage of the Slovak National Theater, where he rehearses. That was an overwhelming experience. He even played the piano for us. He was improvising, but the melody he played was beautiful and magical. I was charmed by his talent and excitement for music. Lukáš and him played a song together; a dazzling moment. It was an incredible experience for me that I am sure to remember for a very long time."

Nhung Nguyen Thi Hong

Gymnázium Metodova

Bratislava, Slovakia


"I was so impressed by meeting Mr. Valentovič. Just a few days before I didn't know who I would meet. When I was informed about this I was really joyfuI because I always admired musicians. Yeah, every musician has to be talented but this one was more than I expected. I am certain I was very lucky to meet him."




"The interview was great. I was really happy to hear someone else’s opinion on several essential questions about life (and to make it perfect it was an opinion from a VIP). I am happy that students' questions were answered, and those who did not participate in this TIME FOR WORDS Challenge will get these answers and opinions. And I think everyone who joined the challenge has got a lot of experience and has been inspired."

Lukáš Bohuš

Gymnázium Metodova

Bratislava, Slovakia

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