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Maroš Kramár



Martina Dragúňová, Bilíkova High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

Filip Lepieš, Bilíkova High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

“I was one of three students who interviewed Maroš Kramár. I like the theater so it was very interesting for me. I saw Mr. Kramár differently than the the media does. They don’t see him as a person, they see a story. I spoke with him in person and came to the conclusion that he is a just person as we are. Now I know that everything I read might not be true or might be different. I felt very comfortable talking to him. I was impressed by his project, the apartment-theater. It sounded so interesting that I consider visiting it myself. Maroš was a very nice person who has smart opinion about politics ( :D) I hope I will meet him in the future. :)

I am very grateful for the opportunity I had and I hope that I will have more similar experiences. :)"

Martina Dragúňová

Bilíkova High School

Bratislava, Slovakia

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