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Kamil Peteraj

Poet and Lyricist


Svetozár Nehéz, Bilíkova High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

Matej Majda, Evanjelické lýceum, Bratislava, Slovakia

"My meeting with Kamil Peteraj was something worth remembering. It was a mutual conversation where I got to learn about his life and how he coped with some life struggles. In fact, he didn't cope with his life struggles that much because he had teachers that made him what he is. He has taught us that you have to find a teacher with a character. This is someone who doesn't just talk about values, but a person who reflects them just with his presence. Being surrounded by those kinds of people causes you to grow. You have to go by their advice and practice hard. And of course listen to them ,as I did listen to Kamil Peteraj. I would surely listen to him once more."

Svetozár Nehéz

Gymnázium Bilíkova

Bratislava, Slovakia

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