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Prof. PhDr. Soňa Szomolányi PhD.

Political Scientist, Sociologist

The Ľudovít Štúr Order II, Conferred in 2016, Slovakia


Paulína Rauschová, Evanjelické lýceum, Bratislava, Slovakia

Šimon Domonkoš, Bilíkova High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

"My first impression when meeting Ms. Szomolányi was that she looked like a normal university professor. But after a few minutes I realized that she is really is an impressive person. Before our meeting I thought it would last for an hour. We ended after three hours of really interesting discussion. I'm really happy to have an opportunity like this."


Šimon Domonkoš

Gymnázium Bilíkova

Bratislava, Slovakia

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