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Martin Huba

Director and Actor

The Ľudovít Štúr Order II, Conferred in 2017, Slovakia


Svetozár Ružička, Bilíkova High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

Adam Horňák, Jur Hronec High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

After a meeting

“My experience after meeting with a famous Slovak theatre actor and director Martin Huba was amazing. I really felt amazed. He was very charming wise and humble, and gave such answers to my questions I was not expecting at all. Now, I feel strongly moved to become as humble as Mr. Huba and I am very much looking forward to him sharing more of his views and wisdom with us in the interview. I am happy I signed up for this project.”

After the interview


"In the TIME FOR WORDS Challenge I got a chance to interview five famous and successful Slovak actors and celebrities. It was the most mind-opening experience I have experienced in all the 19 years of my life. Let me tell you something from what I learned:


Martin Huba, the famous Slovak theatre and movie actor, truly is a man of wisdom. I wish he was my grandfather. We should try to improve ourselves, to build up our character with a strong mind, and to learn responsibility. And we should learn to get joy from pushing ourselves hard. You must be the main creator of your life. It is dangerous and foolish to be passive and leave it all to fortune. Our nature has a much greater impact on our lives then our character. That doesn’t mean we should stop working on constantly improving ourselves. Being in contact with nature brings calmness and peace."


Svetozár Ružička

Gymnázium Bilíkova

Bratislava, Slovakia

We had the opportunity to see a performance called Ilúzie, starring our role model – Slovak professional director and actor Martin Huba. After the show was over, we met Mr. Huba personally, in his locker room and this is my experience with him.


Long before his performance, I phoned Martin Huba to reassure him that we will be having a meeting after the show. Mr. Huba answered the phone almost immediately which, to be honest, surprised me a little bit because he should be relaxing or learning the text or whatever actors do before they appear on stage. Somehow, I managed to pass this information to Mr. Huba, not to mention that sometimes I literally lost my words, my throat got dry as the Sahara Desert and my heart was thumping harder and harder into my ribs from the inside. This was my first encounter with a living celebrity so far.


Second came the interview itself. It went really well, despite the fact Mr. Huba was leaving for Prague that very same day. Throughout our conversation it was clear to see that he has been through a lot in his life and is very intelligent, too. It was not that we were only interested in him and his life, also, he aimed his own questions back at us which made me think we are new friends, despite the generation gap between us, that want to know more about each other. 


In detail, we started off with a hard topic questioning life. And with this, our whole chat was turning around more philosophical topics rather than digging into Mr. Huba’s privacy. This was the point I realized he is very intelligent and makes rational, thought-through, decisions apart from impulsive and emotional ones.


To have something to end with, that day, I came home with no negative feelings. All I can hope for is that our next meeting would be taking place in not-so-distant future and I would be prepared better now that I know what to expect.”

Adam Horňák

Gymnázium Jura Hronca

Bratislava, Slovakia

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