TIME FOR WORDS Impact Booklet

The Minich-Mlcousek Family Philanthropy

Our vision is to unite the world to pass on our best to future generations. TIME FOR WORDS Inc. is a philanthropy enterprise created by three generations of the Minich - Mlcousek Family, which oversaw more than 450 projects for youth, received over 50 international awards and produced a film seen in person by 500,000 young people when Pope John Paul II visited Canada.


We unite young people and role models to pass on life skills and wisdom to a new generation. 

Initiating the largest philanthropy drive of its kind in an EU nation (Slovakia) we selected 27 recipients of the nation’s highest civilian award, and renowned VIPs, to engage with young talent in unprecedented format.

In our program, to level up, youth draw out stories with values and know-how from accomplished individuals and share their learning with peers. Young people who journey with us get tools to turn their fears into fuel for success. They can belong and step into the leaders they were born to become. We help them boost their confidence so they can turn their dreams into reality and live their best life instead of worrying how to fit in. 

Our guests are leaders in their field who get a unique experience by creating and sharing meaningful impact. This select group of distinguished and respected individuals lifts up culture and helps young people succeed.