Božidara Turzonovová


Pribina Cross II, Conferred in 2008, Slovakia


Katarína Komáčková, Soňa Treuerová, Tomáš Hodosy, Matej Mikula

Pankúchova High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

“Meeting with an actress who has always been one of my favourites is really an unforgettable experience. Her thoughts and the way she expressed them made me think in a different way about my future and encouraged me in fulfilling my dreams even through difficulties.”

Katarína Komáčková

Gymnázium Pankúchová

Bratislava, Slovakia

Thanks to the TIME FOR WORDS Initiative I had the opportunity to meet with the lovely and talented actress Ms. Božidara Turzonovová. It was one of the strongest moments of my life. I have learned a lot about her life and how she managed to make the right decisions in it. She gave us some advice on how to succeed in our lives. She told us not to be afraid when we are making decisions and that we can always change our minds and take another path. I could go on and on about the hour that I along with my friends spent with her. But all together what I can say is that it was an amazing experience which would not have been possible without TIME FOR WORDS and its president to whom I extremely thankful.”


Soňa Treuerová

Gymnázium Pankúchová

Bratislava, Slovakia

Ms. Turzonovová is a delightful, elegant lady with a vibrant personality. All the way through our meeting I couldn't shake off the feeling that I'm meeting with a real star. Her stories were interesting, with a hint of advice. Thanks to her, I learned that huge celebrities like her were as indecisive and clueless about their future as I am now.

Tomáš Hodosy

Gymnázium Pankúchová

Bratislava, Slovakia

"I am so thankful to TIME FOR WORDS for the possibility to meet with amiable person and admirable actress Mrs. Božidara Turzonovová. It was one of the strongest moments of my life. Firstly, I could not believe that it was real and I was pretty nervous. But her warm welcome and kind smile showed me that there was nothing to be afraid of. I have learned a lot about her life, the decisions she made and how she managed to make the right ones. Mrs. Turzonovová underlined that it does not matter what occupation I choose, however, I have to be passionate about it. I should love my job otherwise I will not be happy. We would spend hours talking with such wonderful person, but that one hour was marvellous experience which definitely has changed my life. I am looking forward to talking with my classmates about it. In conclusion I want to say HUGE thanks to the TIME FOR WORDS Initiative and also to the its president who is a great man with even greater heart.

Matej Mikula

Gymnázium Pankúchová

Bratislava, Slovakia


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