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Richard Rikkon



Nhung Nguyen Thi Hong, Metodova High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

Hanka Slobodová, Evanjelické lýceum, Bratislava, Slovakia

"I had an amazing opportunity to meet Richard Rikkon face to face. I talked to him in an interview alongside with my friend Hanka Slobodová and his point of view on things and life inspired me a lot. He left his family to pursue his passion for music at a young age and that highly impressed me. The passion and commitment he gave to music is admirable. He was very kind, warm and passionate. I am very glad I had the chance to talk to him."


Nhung Nguyen Thi Hong

Gymnázium Metodova

Bratislava, Slovakia

"When I entered the room where the interview was held I did not know what to expect. It was to be an interview different from any other. The word which describes my interview with Mr. Rikkon is inspiring or educational.


It is perfect that 45 minutes can give you so much. Mr. Rikkon is a professional pianist performs all over the world. I play the piano a bit so I thought it will be easier to understand what he will be talking about. In the interview, Mr. Rikkon spoke his whole career. How he started and how he is working now.


He talked about the real life of a professional pianist. He was very talkative and I found out a lot. He answered all of the questions without hesitation.  I expected that it is easier for a professional pianist. But now I understand it is not easy even for a professional.


As a professional pianist you have to practice a lot even on a bad day. You have to rehearse so much. And you have to be the best if you want to be liked and well-known.


Although he is a professional pianist today he started out like an ordinary person who found their talent. He would not be where he is now if he did not give all of his time to practice, starting in young age. I think he must have given up a lot. I know when someone is a musician he or she loves music; music is their passion. However, you always have better days and worse days and you just have to get over yourself every single day.


What I realized during this interview is that it depends a lot what work or job you choose in life. You must, maybe just you must try to find what you really like to do. Because when I saw Mr. Rikkon it was clear that he loves what he does. Even if it is sometimes hard and exhausting, when you love what you do you will never give up because you love this challenge."

Hanka Slobodová

Evanjelické lýceum

Bratislava, Slovakia

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