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Anna Šišková



Marek Nagy, Grösslingová High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

Richard OsvaldMetodova High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

"In the TIME FOR WORDS Challenge I got a chance to interview five famous and successful Slovak actors and celebrities. It was the most mind-opening experience I have experienced in all the 19 years of my life. Let me tell you something from what I learned:

Anna Šišková, the famous Slovak theatre and movie actres taught me that successful people stay strong and do not back down. They have a vision and they are chasing it. To be both successful and happy, a person needs to have healthy confidence. Confidence comes from personal achievements and directly leads to more success. But above all, you should always be yourself and embrace who you are."

Svetozár Ružička

Gymnázium Bilíkova

Bratislava, Slovakia

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