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doc. MUDr. Andrej Šteňo, PhD., MPH.


Inventor of a world-renowned operation procedure


Adriana Chorvátová, Tilgnerova High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

Katarína Feketeová, Bílíkova High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

About their meeting:

"I met with Dr. Andrej Šteňo, the neurosurgeon that discovered a unique brain surgery method. I was looking forward to the meeting not only because I am interested in medicine, but also to learn something new about the techniques that can help people who have serious health problems, especially with the brain. Dr. Šteňo showed us an intriguing presentation explaining all the steps in brain surgery. We discussed many issues and topics about the brain. It was a very good experience. There are not many opportunities to meet such successful and inspiring people as Dr. Šteňo, so I am grateful that this project helped me and gave me this chance."


About their on-camera interview:

"Having aims and visions that may be possible to turn into reality is a dream of every person. I got an opportunity to meet one of those people, Dr. Šteňo, who succeeded in this task. The brain surgery method which he described, has given hope to the people who are seriously ill that one day they will be able to live a normal life once again. Getting to know Dr. Šteňo's point of view about life was one of very special experiences. With humility and passion, talking about life as a journey, Dr. Šteňo shared some very important messages with us. For example, he told us we do not have to be afraid to admit there is something we do not know or do not understand. After this interview we were given hope that one day we will be able to fulfill our dreams too."

Adriana Chorvátová

Tilgnerova High School

Bratislava, Slovakia

When I decided to take part in this challenge, I hoped that I would get a chance to meet with a reputable person in the area of medicine, biology or chemistry, since these are exactly the areas of science I am interested in, so when I got the message that I am meeting with 2 of them: Dr. Andrej Šteňo and Dr. Júlia Horáková, I was really pleased. Though the meetings were quite different - I cannot say that I enjoyed one of them more than the other one and in fact, they were both unforgettable experiences. I have not only learned some new, interesting information about the way our body works, but I also realized that some people have much more serious problems than the ones we face, but they do not give up and believe that everything will be all right once again, even though some of them cannot even be sure how much longer they will live. If somebody asked me why I have decided to write about this particular experience I would say that it is because we often forget about what matters most – our health and tend to get pessimistic always when something does not proceed as planned even if it is not that important, which is something I really do not understand after these meetings. What I probably liked most is that Dr. Horáková as well as Dr. Šteňo told us something from their personal life experiences, which is something we would never find on the internet. All in all the meetings were really motivating and inspirational so my advice to you is: take part in this challenge, which not only allows you to meet with the people you would have not met otherwise but it also helps you to step one step further."  


Katarína Feketeová

Bílikova High School

Bratislava, Slovakia

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