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Emília Vášáryová


The Ľudovít Štúr Order I, Conferred in 2008, Slovakia


Soňa Treuerová, Tomáš Hodosy

Pankúchova High School, Bratislava, Slovakia

"Meeting an actress who has always been one of my favorites is an indescribable experience. Through the whole meeting and interview I just could not believe that it was really happening. Emília Vášáryová is a delightful person who with her welcoming personality made all my fears and nerves about the interview go away. In the hour that we spent with her I found a different perspective on life. She inspired me to work harder in achieving my dreams. The motto by which she lives inspired me and made me realise that a lot of things I was doing in my life just weren't right."

Soňa Treuerová

Gymnázium Pankúchová

Bratislava, Slovakia

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