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About Us

We strive to be the largest coordinated effort in history to lift up and unite the world through values that help young people succeed
TIME FOR WORDS is a collaborative network of today's teens who train to become tomorrow's philanthropists through a series of educational challenges. 
We come together to pass down a better world to future generations.

Assisted By

The Minich - Mlcousek Family has sustained its expertise in education, film, television and media production over three generations.
Works from the family received over 50 awards worldwide. Our public outreach brought us to NGOs with 60 million members, former UK prime minister, King of Norway, and the Council of Europe. Our film was screened to the largest gathering in Canada, 500 000 young people.
To enable young people and future generations to reach full potential, we summon a community from the world’s accomplished individuals and families to build an educational toolkit based on their lives’ values and wisdom in reaching success, whose end purpose is to become a philanthropist.
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